The Dating Daries

Castiel. He makes you want to lick your computer screen at the best of times and toss the whole damn machine out the window at the worst. If any fellow My Candy Love addicts out there are having the "I Just Can't Say The RIGHT Thing To The Guy!" Problem, then never fear! I am here to help <3

Episode 8 Walk-through - Castiel Date


I just loooove the way that Castiel flirts. Like how he teases you, but you can totally tell that he’s loving it.

Squeeee! So adorable.

That is until you say something wrong and he turns into a big jerk moody bad boy once again.


Lysander never yells at me… hint hint. But in all seriousness though, sometimes my Candy says the most ridiculous things.

I can hardly blame Cas for thinking I’m an annoying, snoopy, gossipy air-head.

Can I?



Date outfit: $50

Snacks: $8

Total Money Needed To Complete Episode: $58

(If you choose to put laxatives in Ambers water it will cost you more.)



Meet Castiel in the Courtyard.

A. You’ll never guess!

Castiel: What?

A. Try to guess…

Castiel: No. Come on, spit it out!

A. The high school is going to have an orienteering event!

Castiel: Oh yeah? Try not to get lost, I don’t want to have to come looking for you.

B. The same goes for you!

Castiel: Me? I have nothing to worry about, I might not even go to this stupid competition.

A. Really? Why not, I’m sure it’ll be great!

Castiel: I said I might not. I’ll decide when the moment comes.

Oh I see. You’re too cool for an orienteering event, huh?

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Courtyard.

Castiel: So are you ready for the exam?

A. You couldn’t have mentioned them yesterday! I would have been in serious trouble if I hadn’t studied!

Castiel: It’s not my fault you have a memory like a sieve.

C. You think that’s funny huh? You’re lucky Nathaniel told me!

Castiel: It was pretty funny, yeah. But it would have been funnier if you hadn’t studied at all.

Jerk! You’re a big jerky jerk!

A. You’re really mean.

But I still love you…

Castiel: Come on, I’m just kidding.

A. (next)

Castiel: You didn’t answer my question, are you ready or not?

A. Yeah… I guess so.

Castiel: Relax, it’s only a quarter exam, it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t do great on it.

C. Shhh! Stop talking. I need to concentrate on what I studied yesterday!

Castiel: Ha ha, you’re so funny. Don’t stress out like that.

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Courtyard.

A. You haven’t seen Iris around, have you? I’m looking for her…

Castiel: You’re looking for someone else now? I can’t believe it. No, I haven’t seen her, she’s probably in a classroom studying too…

A. If you see her, tell her I’m looking for her, it’s urgent.

Castiel: How much will you give me?

A. I’m serious!

Castiel: Me too!

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Courtyard.

A. (Amber told him everything then…)

B. (I’ll talk to him about it.)

A. Say, about what Amber told you…

Castiel: Ah, that joke. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. What ever made her say that?

A. You mean you didn’t believe her?

Castiel: She didn’t tell me anything new, I already knew you liked me, I’m not blind.


B. You must be confusing your dreams with reality.

Ha. Good one.

Castiel: Talk about who’s dreaming!

A. You have no idea what I dream about!

Castiel: Seeing how you get carried away over the smallest thing, I have an idea, yeah.

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Courtyard.

A. Listen, I saw Nathaniel reading a book, and that made me wonder if you like reading too?

Castiel: Haven’t you already noticed that I don’t like the same things as that guy?

You have two options here. Both give similar results.

First option:

C. Well from what I heard yesterday, it doesn’t seem like you guys are all that different!

Castiel: Meaning?

A. Nathaniel was as rowdy as you were before…

Castiel: Ah, you’re not wrong there, I wonder how he handles it now. You never see him letting off steam…

B. How do you let off steam?

Castiel: I play guitar. A friend of mine used to bang his against the ground during concerts, but that started to get expensive…

A. (Ah… I’m not sure why, but I don’t particularly want to meet that friend…)

Second option:

A. Yes, but reading is different.

Castiel: No, I prefer watching movies over reading.

A. What kind of movies do you like?

Castiel: Not girly movies that’s for sure. I like action movies and a horror movie from time to time isn’t bad either.

B. Me too! Action movies are the only real thing going!

Castiel: You have good taste.

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Hallway.

Castiel: It looks like you’re about to kill someone.

A. That’s right!

Castiel: Oh yeah? Let me guess, it wouldn’t be a brainless blond that’s making you feel that way would it?

C. Are you any good at karate?

Castiel: What kind of question is that?

A. I want to learn, so the next time she tries to steal from me, I can give her a kick in the stomach!

A. Her and her two friends!

Castiel: I don’t know if I should laugh or take you to a psychiatrist.

A. I’m not joking! I mean it!

Castiel: That’s why I’m not sure what I should do with you.

A. You won’t think that once I become a martial art expert!

Castiel: That’s why I’m laughing.

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Hallway.

Castiel: I wonder why Amber is so out to get you.

B. Ken got picked on by her a lot too you know.

Castiel: Ken? Oh yeah, the guy with glasses.

A. You don’t remember him?

Castiel: He was afraid of me, he never came up to me to talk, so no, I don’t have any particular memories of him.

Close the discussion.

Meet Castiel in the Classroom.

A. If you wanted to cheat, where would you hide your cheat sheet?

Castiel: Why do I get the impression that you only ask me these type of questions.

C. I’m going to ask Nathaniel

Castiel: I‘d be curious to see his reaction…

Close the discussion.

Next time Castiel shows up.

A. I can’t find anyone to study with…

The date outfit screen will appear. Pick the sailor outfit for $50.

Castiel: Why don’t you drop it, that’s all you’ve done all day, don’t you want to do something else for a change?

B. No, I’d really rather study…

Castiel: As you like…

A. (He walked off)

Head off towards the school yard.

Castiel: Hey, look up!

A. Huh?



Nawwww Castiel bought you upside down Maccas! I guess he’s not such a big jerk after all, huh?

Though… would this be the wrong time to tell him I don’t eat McDonalds?

castiel episode 8

After the date you’ve just got the exam left to do. I don’t know how cheese and board games relate to school work though? I found the answers I didn’t know on Google, thought I aced the exam, then found out in Episode 10 that I failed miserably.


My parents will be so disappointed!!!!

Wait… do I even have parents?